Tip Tuesday | How to Decorate Your Front Door After the Holidays

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Haylie Lapinskas

Tip Tuesday| How to Decorate Your Front Door After the Holidays

Have you already taken down the Christmas lights? Are you ready to start the year off fresh and clean? Or are you sad to see the festivities are in the past and staring winter right in the face gives you bone-chilling fear? Well, I'm in that boat. 

I love cleaning up the house after the Holidays and getting the year started on the right foot. However, part of me misses the decorations and wishes there was a way to decorate for the dead of winter! Why do we lose all of the inviting character our festive entrance once had, and trade it in for dull boring doors? 

Well if you feel the same, we are here to tell you we found the middle ground. 

Here are some tips on how to keep the decorating spirit alive while still feeling fresh and anew. 

First, lose the lights. You don’t want to be that neighbor that has Christmas lights on till spring! You don’t want to receive a passive aggressive note in your mailbox telling you the Holidays are long gone, time to lose the lights. Have you seen these? I can’t believe people actually use this.


Second, keep a wreath or door swag, but lose the bows and twinkling lights. Removing the wreath can make your door feel so barren and dull. Just make sure whatever you add doesn’t have Holiday hints. Stick to the greenery. We love this paired down simple wreath from Magnolia.

Magnolia Wreath

Third, remove all traces of red. Any door mats or planters, bows or tassels, with a hint of red will be the first sign that you still have your christmas decor up. Swap out that door mat for something a little more neutral but with some fun character.

Now, add a small planter. Again lose the red berries and golden pine cones. Swap out for some weathered birch, or simple evergreens. Having a little something next to your door still provides a sense of arrival and character but doesn't scream holiday! We love this wicker basket planter with simple evergreens. Thanks Loves Grow Wild for the inspiration!

Last but not least, add a lantern or small accessory. When decorating, you always want to pair items together. So use a lantern, or some birch logs to create a pair with your planter. I personally love these lanterns we’ve used from wayfair because they can be used for all seasons. Whatever you decide on, make sure it is smaller than the planter and doesn’t scream “I’m stuck in the Holidays!”

exterior lantern

And that’s it! Simple but effective! Now your front door still has the warm and inviting character it once had in December, but is now current with the season and is not stuck in the holidays!

Now stay warm, this winter is going to be a long one! 

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