Creating the home you and your family will spend your days in is a big undertaking—and we don’t take that lightly.

Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project to build your "custom" home or you’re renovating parts of your current home, HaylieRead Design can help.

We take the time to genuinely get to know you—your dreams, your preferences, your needs (even your kid’s needs)—and transform your vision into a home that reflects your unique style and lifestyle. No cookie-cutter design strategies here, because that’s not what you’re hiring professionals for!

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The many ways we can help you.

Full Service Interior Design

New Construction, renovations, furniture & Décor, & commercial interiors

A true full-service design studio, HaylieRead Design offers a comprehensive range of services, taking on every single component of the process from conception to completion. We'll create a fully custom design catered to your exact needs and take the necessary steps to bring it to life. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the transformation!

What to Expect?


Scope Walk Through

After the initial discovery call, HaylieRead will meet with you onsite to review your space, take photos, and rough measurements. During this meeting, HaylieRead will get to know you, your goals, and learn more about your project team, budget, and next steps. At the conclusion of this meeting we will have created a comprehensive scope list.


Proposal for Design Services

Once the scope walk through is complete, HaylieRead will provide a proposal of services. This proposal will include the scope of work, steps to achieve the required work, and a summary of design fees.


Design Presentations

HaylieRead will provide stepped design presentations, with everything from finishes, furniture, to floor plans, and ceiling plans. All details will be discussed with you love it and that no mistakes are made.


Detailed Construction Plans & Purchasing

HaylieRead will provide detailed construction drawings to be used for bidding and construction. These will serve as the road map for the contractor during construction.


Project Coordination

As your guide during the most demanding phase of a project, HaylieRead will coordinate with the required trades, answer any questions pertaining to the design, and attend the job site at key checkpoints.


Install & Reveal Day!

HaylieRead and the install team will finish the project with a little cherry on top. All details will be finalized, and your space will be transformed with furniture, accessories, and art. Let’s crack the champagne!

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The Investment

No two design projects are alike and so to effectively meet the needs of your specific project, we take the time to create a custom proposal for every project. Our fees are industry standard based on overall square footage and budget.

Beginning investment per project:

New construction: $15,000.00

Renovation: $8,000.00

Furniture & Décor: $5,000.00

Commercial Interiors: $10,000.00

Frequently asked questions:

What will an Interior Designer bring to the project?

With any interior design project, endless strategic decisions must be made. Everything ranging from paint colors and finishes, to light switch locations and fixtures, all the way to the logistical process of actually bringing it together in a way that’s functional and safe.

Interior Designers are well-versed in every component of a large-scale design project. They’ll act as your partner to help navigate decisions, tie spaces together, and be the project manager making sure it all comes together perfectly.

What is the first step in planning for a new home or large renovation?

The first step is building a team that will work together. And that means hiring an interior designer right from the start!

At the beginning of any project, it is best to have all parties—architect, designer, contractor— all present, communicating, and understanding your goals.

Think about it like making lasagna: the best part about it is that the delicious ingredients are all layered. If you only add sauce at the end, the lasagna will fall flat. Same thing with Interior Design. If the designer comes to the table at the end, the overall design will be surface-level and not fully integrated.

How long will my project take?

This all depends on the overall scope. A new construction project could take 1 to 2 years to design, build, and finalize. Whereas a bathroom renovation could take 2 months from design to construction. Once HaylieRead sits down with you to learn more about your project, we will be able to provide an estimated timeline.

What areas does HaylieRead service?

Our studio is based in Hinsdale, IL, and while our clients are primarily based in the Western Chicagoland area, we do offer design services for our client’s vacation homes throughout the USA.

What are important characteristics to look for in an Interior Designer?

You should always understand the designers background and expertise. Are they a certified designer? Are they primarily an interior decorator? How do they structure their fees? All designers come from different background and work differently. Check out the About Us and Services page to learn more about HaylieRead specifically

What does it mean to be a certified Interior Designer?

You should always understand the designer's background and expertise. Are they a certified designer or are they primarily an interior decorator? How do they structure their fees?

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring an interior designer is whether or not they’re NCIDQ certified. NCIDQ is the nationwide Interior Design certification that requires over 8,000 professional work hours and 3 passed exams. This certification ensures the designer’s proficiency for design, construction codes, and details. NCIDQ validates that a designer cares about the function and the end result of a project. Read the full story on our Blog.

All designers come from different backgrounds and work differently. At HaylieRead, we like to go beyond the pretty picture. We care just as much about the beauty of a space as we do about the functionality and livability of a space. Check out the About Us and Services page to learn more about  how we can help you.

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