How to Build a Perfect Pillow Collection

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Haylie Lapinskas

How to Build a Perfect Pillow Collection

I get asked all the time, how do I select throw pillows for my sofa that do not look to matchy matchy? The key is pairing pattern, color, and texture. There is indeed a method to the madness. A sofa pillow is an element that adds softness and variety to any space, but you have to choose the right pairing so that it doesn’t look forced, or out of place.

Follow the below steps and you will bring new life to your sofa!

First step is to select a pillow pattern that you love. Use this as your “Hero” pattern. I learned this phrase way back during my first year as a professional interior designer. A hero pattern is your savior! Finding that hero pattern early on helps set the tone for all other decisions. This will make more sense once you get through the next steps.

The key to finding the perfect hero pattern is searching for a fun pattern that has a repeat larger than your hand. What’s a repeat you ask? A repeat is the distance between where a pattern starts and stops, and then begins to repeat. Need a visual? Me too?

How to read pattern repeats

So I went for a large scale, boho pattern with a couple different colors. I loved these little yellow knobs on the edge. Adds a little extra fun.

Once you have selected the perfect hero pattern pillow, you will then pull all the colors from the Hero pattern to use as a guide for all other pillow colors.  So make sure there are a few colors.

Hero pattern pillow

The second step

is to select two solid colored pillows. Each pillow should be one of the hero pattern’s colors. This could be a solid neutral or a color, that’s all up to you! Have some fun with the pillow sizes here too.

Solid colored pillo

Third step is to find a nice textured pillow that picks up one or two of the colors from the hero pattern. When we say texture, we mean a nubby, super soft, and/or woven texture. No, we don’t mean, hard textures or printed textures. Just find a pillow that screams reach out and touch me!

The final, and fourth step, is to select a small-scale pattern that again pulls in one of the hero pattern’s colors. When I say small scale, we revisit the repeat conversation above. You are looking for a pattern that has a smaller repeat then your hand.

This could be a small floral pattern, a herringbone, or even a stripe. In our case, we chose again a boho-esc pattern that pulls in the style and color from the Hero pillow.

Secondary pattern pillow

All of these patterned, textured, and solid pillows will help add interest and variety. But because they are different enough, they won’t feel to matchy.

And that’s the wisdom! Pretty simple. Your sofa will feel thoughtful and intentional. Say goodbye to the random clobber of pillows. You have now brought new life to your sofa.

But if you want to take your space a little further, why not just pull the whole room together? You may need a little extra help. HaylieRead is here for you with more helpful tips! Reach out.

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