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Inside The Design
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Haylie Lapinskas

Inside The Design | Leonard Home Refresh

When we first met our clients, T & S, they discussed their glorious travels to Italy. This trip, about 15 years ago, inspired them to bring in the beautiful rustic italian stone and incorporate into their living room remodel at the time. 

Well folks, we are not in Italy anymore. T & S were now looking to update their space and create an experience that felt more inviting and updated. 


Our first step was to review the function of the space. Previously, the living room/entry felt underutilized, almost like a pass through space. So our main goal was to provide a function and purpose. By creating a division between entry and living room, we created a new sitting room. A room where T & S could entertain guests and kick back and discuss the world's wonders over a glass of wine. 

We then looked to ways that would open up and brighten the space. First was to take a closer look at the wall paint color. The previous color was perfect for creating a cozy and intimate living room, but it was also enhancing dark corners and creating a tuscan-esc vibe (slightly different then what we were going for). We selected a touch of grey paint color that worked well with the existing travertine floors and kitchen cabinetry. We joked that this is such a typical designer thing to do. You know? Paint the walls off white! But it just felt right for this home. Our goal was to brighten the space. An off white, almost grey color, did the trick!

We then redesigned the columns dividing the space. The old columns were dark stone and created a solid border between living room and dining room. Even though the spaces were separate, we wanted to open it up and make the two spaces flow visually together. We took down the dark cladding and added new millwork panels. The new details have a traditional vibe but create a much more open space. 

We finalized the space with a variety of comfortable furniture and accessories. We went ahead with two swivel chairs. These chairs are perfect for the person who just can’t sit still, aka T & S, they are always on the move! With a large textured rug and pops of brass, the space was complete. We selected functional accessories to add that final touch. 

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this space over a glass of wine? 

Now we are on to the next phase of design in their home. Stay tuned for the game room, powder rooms, and master bedroom! Sneak peak in the works!

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