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Inside The Design
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Haylie Lapinskas

Inside The Design | Arbor Drive

To open up the kitchen or not to open up the kitchen. That was the design dilemma we were enlisted in helping answer at Arbor Drive. 

This lovely home, just off Lemont’s downtown area, was a home that needed some fresh energy pumped into it. 

The kitchen was functional but closed off. The flooring was fine but not current. And the flow between the living room and kitchen was non-existent. 

When we first walked the home with our client Janet, she mentioned her fears of opening up the kitchen and not having enough space for storage. She also addressed her concerns on overall cost and potential structural concerns. 

We reviewed the benefits of opening up the space and showed Janet that by removing some kitchen walls you gain so much more flow between rooms. Ultimately making the home feel larger and perfect space for a gathering of friends. 

The next step was to bring in a contractor to review the structural concerns. Working together, we found the best solution was to maintain a structural post and tie it in with architectural moulding. The result, a beautiful column that feels intentional and integrated with the overall design. 

Once all the big picture decisions were made, we then went through the design process to select finishes, fixtures, and colors. This process is not as easy as it sounds. Because this was a remodel we needed to tie into the existing character of the home. Thus the design took on a transitional vibe with rich metal accents and warm woods. We selected a dynamic stone backsplash and added a pop with two toned cabinetry. 

The design was successfully executed by a lovely contractor, Fresh Look Renovations. The bulk of construction took about 3 weeks and was completed just in time for a special birthday celebration for Janet’s husband. 

Arbor Drive is the perfect example of a renovation that took into consideration the timeline, budget, and design aesthetic. All 3 components needed to be considered and met in order to make this a successful project. 

Soooo we are not trying to toot our own horn, but we feel this project met all its goals and is now the perfect kitchen and living space for Janet to make new memories in. 

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