3 Tips for Planning a Home Construction Project

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Haylie Lapinskas

3 Tips for Planning a Home Construction Project

Taking on a construction project is often met with an unclear path. Where do we start, who do we ask for help, how much is this all going to cost? Construction and Renovation projects are notorious for costing more than expected, taking longer than planned, and falling short in the details. Seasoned builders will often tell you to choose 2 of the 3, time, quality, and cost. “How do I choose which of the 3”, you may ask? “I would just like a smooth project that is streamlined and successful”. Indeed! There are 3 tips that can help set up your project successfully from the beginning.

1. Hire a Team Early 

The most logical first step is to hire a contractor so you can get a quote on what this is all going to cost, right? We question that logic. How is the contractor supposed to give you an accurate estimate when there are no plans, or finishes, and they are basing their estimate on hypotheticals? What if you would like detailed marble backsplash at the kitchen and the contractor priced white subway? #Changeorder! What if you decide to add radiant flooring after the electrical rough-in is complete. #Bigchangeorder.

How to do you avoid massive change orders and keep the project moving? Hire your team early on so that all parties are working together! It depends on the scope of your project, but a typical large home renovation or new construction you need to include a Contractor, Interior Designer, and Architect as part of your team. Contractor for their expertise in feasibility and construction. Interior Designer for their insights in space planning and details, and an Architect for their knowledge in permitting and plans. If you hire your team early on you will have the necessary team in place to ensure your project is set up for success.

2. Outline your Scope Early 

From the beginning, you should nail your scope down. Are you including the kitchen, basement, and master suite?  Does that also include the living room that is connected to the kitchen? Or the mudroom right off the basement? If you don’t determine the overall scope early on you will again be looking at added cost down the road. This also makes it very difficult to have a seamless design throughout. Take it from the design expert, we avoid oversight when we know the extent of the project early on.

3. Determine the Level of Detail 

Last but certainly not least, know what you are looking for? This doesn’t mean you need to select the perfect backsplash tile just yet, leave that to the experts! But it does mean you should have an idea of your required details? Are you looking for custom kitchen cabinets with an oversized plaster hood and chef quality appliances? Or are you looking to sell soon and need a face lift that hits a budget? If you determine the differences early on, you can easily make decisions later.

All in all, renovations are not easy, and it does take some planning. However, if you start with these steps you take away some of the guesswork. Not every project is the same, and each certainly has their quirks. Planning is key and we are here to help. If you have a specific questions on your home construction project, we are here to help! Reach out to HaylieRead Design!

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