How to Set Up Your Perfect Guest Room?

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Haylie Lapinskas

How to Set Up Your Perfect Guest Room?

As much as we all miss spending time with our friends and family, now is the perfect time to get that guest room ready! Hopefully soon we will be able to enjoy that extra glass of wine and spend the night at our best friend's place. 

But doesn’t it feel like the worst when you offer your friend the guest room, but it’s just not ready. You lived in the house for what, 2-5 plus years and you still have the blow up mattress, and no lamp in sight? 

Well it is time!

Use these tips below to ensure your guest room is ready for girls night. 

First step,

you need a great nightstand. Where are you going to put that glass of water? Where do I set my phone? Even if it’s a small little table, a bed needs a nightstand. We like these two options! Fun and functional

Nightstand guestroom


get that nightstand a lamp! Everyone hates it when they have to get out of bed to turn the lights off. Maybe you have a clapper, but still get the lamp! Lamps are cute and add character!

Lamp guestroom


make sure that phone has a place to plug into. No more clawing under the bed to plug in. Make that outlet accessible. 

Side table accessible power


you need to provide a variety of pillows. And not the cheapest throw away pillows you can find. Get some nice ones. You can tell the difference. Think hotel style. You need the firm pillows and soft pillows. 


along with the pillows, you need some nice sheets. No skimping here. Quality does count. No one likes a scratchy sheet. Add a weighted option too. Knit blankets or a super soft fleece. People like their options! 


how about a bench, chair, or somewhere for your guest to hang their clothes? Your friend will want somewhere to set their clothes, instead of leaving things in a pile on the floor. 

Guestroom hanging storage


add some character. The guest room should have a personality. Source some funky art, or paint the walls that bright yellow you are too scared to paint anywhere else in your home.

Guestroom art

Now for the finishing touches. Place a pretty box of tissues on that nightstand. Add a cute basket waste bin. Throw in some beautiful drapes with shades for sun control. 

All these small touches can really make your guest feel comfortable. And you will feel good too knowing that you’ve finished a room and no longer need to worry about it! 

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